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Zirconium Crowns in Turkey: Enhancing Your Smile with Exceptional Quality and Craftsmanship

Zirconium crowns in Turkey provide a remarkable dental solution, combining exceptional quality, aesthetic appeal, and affordability. With their strength, durability, and natural-looking appearance, zirconium crowns can enhance your smile and boost your confidence. Trust the expertise of Turkish dental professionals to deliver outstanding results and embark on a journey to a radiant and captivating smile.

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Bella Vaughn
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I am beyond thrilled with the results of my Zirconium Crowns! The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail provided by the medical team is truly commendable. From the moment I walked into the clinic, I felt welcomed and well-cared for.
Jorge Brady
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Words cannot express how satisfied I am with my new Zirconium Crowns. Zirconium Crowns surpassed my expectations, resulting in a smile that looks both beautiful and natural. I am incredibly grateful for the outstanding medical service provided.
Sameer Singh
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I am overjoyed with my decision to get Zirconium Crowns, and the medical service I received exceeded all my expectations. Not only do the crowns provide excellent functionality, but they also enhance the aesthetics of my smile in a natural-looking way.
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What are Zirconium Crowns?

 Zirconium crowns are dental restorations made from a strong and biocompatible material called zirconia. These crowns are used to enhance the appearance, strength, and functionality of damaged or discolored teeth. Zirconium crowns are known for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship, offering a natural-looking and long-lasting solution for individuals seeking to improve their smile.

Consultation and Planning: A consultation is conducted with the dentist to discuss expectations and treatment goals. Measurements are taken, and a treatment plan is created.
Preparation and Tooth Reshaping: A thin layer is removed from the teeth, shaping them to accommodate the crowns, and impressions are made.
Temporary Crowns: Temporary crowns are placed over the prepared teeth during the fabrication process to provide aesthetics and protect the teeth.
Placement of Permanent Crowns: The permanent crowns, created in a dental laboratory, are placed, checked for fit and bite alignment, and securely bonded to the teeth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All-on-6 implants provide a complete set of teeth with porcelain bridge prosthetics anchored on a sturdy foundation. This treatment method allows you to achieve a natural-looking and aesthetic smile. Additionally, with the help of strong implants, you can comfortably perform daily activities such as eating and speaking.

The durability of All-on-6 implants is ensured by their secure integration into the jawbone. When properly cared for and regularly monitored through check-ups, All-on-6 implants can last for many years. Following a proper oral hygiene routine and adhering to the advice of your dentist can extend the lifespan of the implants.

All-on-6 implants require regular and proper care, similar to natural teeth. It is important to brush the teeth at least twice a day, use dental floss or interdental brushes, and maintain good oral hygiene. Not skipping the recommended periodic check-ups by your dentist is also crucial for long-term success. Additionally, avoiding habits such as biting or chewing on hard objects can help preserve the durability of the implants.